Table 2

Selection of 12 items out of the 49 item Stroke Specific Quality of Life Scale

Domain*Cronbach's alpha 49 item SS-QoLItem total domain correlations 49 item SS-QoLItem selected for SS-QoL-12Response setExplained variance of domain by chosen item (%)
Self-care0.850.77–0.85Did you need help taking a bath or shower?173
Mobility0.920.81–0.89Did you have to stop and rest more than you would like when walking or using a wheelchair?179
Upper extremity0.860.76–0.88Did you have trouble buttoning buttons?178
Language0.900.80–0.89Did you have to repeat yourself so others could understand you?180
Vision0.800.84–0.87Did you have trouble seeing the television well enough to enjoy a show?175
Work0.920.91–0.93Did you have trouble doing daily work around the house?187
Thinking0.820.82–0.90I had trouble remembering things.281
Family roles0.820.78–0.89I felt I was a burden to my family.280
Social roles0.870.72–0.87My physical condition interfered with my social life.275
Personality0.900.81–0.89My personality has changed.279
Mood0.850.71–0.85I was discouraged about my future.272
Energy0.920.90–0.95I was too tired to do what I wanted to do.290
  • * Physical HRQoL: self-care, mobility, upper extremity function, language, vision, work. Psychosocial HRQoL: thinking, family roles, social roles, personality, mood, energy.

  • Response set 1: (1) couldn't do it at all; (2) a lot of trouble; (3) some trouble; (4) little trouble; (5) no trouble at all. Response set 2: (1) strongly agree; (2) moderately agree; (3) neither agree nor disagree; (4) moderately disagree; (5) strongly disagree.

  • Item arbitrarily chosen from two that had equal highest item rest correlations.

  • SS-QoL, Stroke Specific Quality of Life Scale; SS-QoL-12, 12 item Stroke Specific Quality of Life Scale.