Table 2

Predictor variables: mean (M), median (Mdn), SD, range, maximum possible values and group differences depending on the time since diagnosis

Predictors of psychosocial adjustmentM/MdnSDRangeMaximum possible
Illness charac teristicsPhysical impairment17.49.80–3640
Time since diagnosis364–129
Social supportPerceived42.1–44
Need for support2.90.71.2–44
Search for support2.80.61.2–44
Protective buffering2.20.61.1–3.54
Cognitive appraisalsPrimary appraisal2.63.21–88
Appraisal of coping potential5.81.71–99
Coping strategiesProblem management4.12.1–55
Problem appraisal4.22–55
Emotion management4.53.5–55
Emotional avoidance2.30.80.6–45