Table 5

Summary of regression analyses of stress-coping variables predicting psychological adjustment to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

PredictorsDependent variablesDepressionQuality of life
Social support
Perceived social support−0.770.24−0.43**2.010.570.49**
Cognitive appraisal
Appraisal of coping potential−1.680.54−0.43**
Coping strategies
Problem management6.223.090.29*
Emotion management−3.622.15−0.25
Emotional avoidance6.712.720.34*
R2=0.61, ∆R2=0.56
F(3,23)=11.8, p=0.0001
R2=0.56, ∆R2=0.51
F(3,23)=9.8, p=0.0001
  • * p<0.05;

  • ** p<0.01.

  • ∆R2, R2 change; β, standardised betas; B, b-values; SE B, SE of the b values.