Table 1

Clinical and demographic data of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients and healthy control subjects

DemographicsRelapsing-remitting MSSecondary progressive MSAll MSControls
Subjects, no1732020
Mean age, years (SD)40.3 (13.9)55.3 (9.3)42.2 (13.3)34.3 (11.0)
Sex male/female5/122/17/1310/10
Extended Disability Status Scale range/median/SD0–4.5/3/1.34–6.5/6/1.30–6.5/3/1.7/
Disease duration, years, range/mean/SD1–35/11.2/10.211–36/23/12.51–36/13.1/11.1/
Patients on medication, no15/173/318/20/
Patients on natalizumab, no/total10/15010/20/
Relapses*, no, range/mean/SD0–4/0.9/1.100–4/0.9/1.1/
CSF positive, no/total16/173/319/20/
MRI positive, no/total17/173/320/20/
  • * In the previous 12 months.

  • Positive oligoclonal bands.

  • Cerebral MRI indicative for MS according to Barkhof et al.14