Table 1

Admission rate for multiple sclerosis per 100 000 residents in the strategic health authorities of England

Strategic health authorityObsExpIndirect rate per 100 00095% CI
RankAll England56 68156 68116.416.2 to 16.5
1Cumbria and Lancashire27432239.520.119.3 to 20.8
2North and East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire23041929.519.618.8 to 20.4
3Northumberland, Tyne and Wear19261635.219.318.4 to 20.2
4Trent35783100.018.918.3 to 19.5
5Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire29612582.518.818.1 to 19.5
6Dorset and Somerset15941443.418.117.2 to 19.0
7Greater Manchester30532817.817.717.1 to 18.4
8Avon, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire27242517.317.717.1 to 18.4
9Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire19251823.117.316.5 to 18.1
10South West Peninsula20261919.617.316.5 to 18.1
11South Yorkshire15341458.217.216.4 to 18.1
12Kent and Medway18931838.916.916.1 to 17.6
13Shropshire and Staffordshire17991763.316.715.9 to 17.5
14Surrey and Sussex30903034.516.716.1 to 17.3
15County Durham and Tees Valley13491335.816.515.7 to 17.4
16Essex18791893.416.215.5 to 17.0
17Coventry, Warwickshire, Herefordshire17271802.915.715.0 to 16.4
18Cheshire and Merseyside25832737.515.514.9 to 16.1
19West Yorkshire21732316.915.414.7 to 16.0
20South East London14311614.114.513.8 to 15.3
21Hampshire and Isle of Wight18122060.914.413.7 to 15.1
22Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Rutland15391781.014.113.5 to 14.9
23Birmingham and the Black Country21362490.414.013.5 to 14.7
24Thames Valley19882372.613.713.1 to 14.3
25North Central London10581273.613.612.8 to 14.4
26North East London12801550.513.512.8 to 14.3
27South West London11181422.412.912.1 to 13.6
28North West London14581926.212.411.8 to 13.0
  • Data in rank order of admission rates.

  • Obs, observed number of people; Exp, expected number.