Table 1

Participant characteristics (n=20)

Gender (M:F)5:15
Age at time of ACAPS (years)40.4 (30.2–64.2)
Age of first episode of major depression (years)30.1±11.0
Age of onset of current MDE (years)37.8±11.6
No of previous episodes*1.5 (1–6)
Duration of all lifetime episodes (months)89.0 (35.5–289.1)
Duration of current MDE at time of surgery (months)78.0 (31.3–238.2)
No of previous admissions to hospital (lifetime)7.0±4.5
Duration (months) of hospital admissions (lifetime)26.4 (1.3–108.2)
No of suicide attempts (lifetime)4.6±2.6
  • Values are mean±SD or median (range).

  • * Recovery from episode defined as ≥6 months of remission.42

  • This information was reliable in only 10 (50%) cases.

  • ACAPS, anterior capsulotomy; MDE, major depressive episode.