Table 4

Changes in rating scales following anterior capsulotomy (n=20)

Rating scaleBaselinePostop12 monthsLong term follow-upPercentage change at long termp Value (baseline to long term)
HRSD-17 (actual scores)26.8±3.9 (n=6)20.8±10.6 (n=4)15.3±10.7 (n=6)13.3±12.0 (n=18)−50.70.101 (n=6)
HRSD-17 (imputed scores)23.3±4.6 (n=18)15.8±7.0 (n=16)16.2±7.0 (n=12)13.8±11.6 (n=20)*−44.20.004 (n=18)
MADRS (not imputed)39.6±6.5 (n=18)24.2±11.6 (n=16)24.1±12.2 (n=12)22.6±16.4 (n=20)−42.90.001 (n=18)
LQoLP (mean satisfaction scores)3.9±1.1 (n=12)N/A4.5±0.92 (n=7)4.9±0.9 (n=17)+25.60.049 (n=11)
HADS (anxiety subscale)14.7±5.0 (n=10)8.5±6.9 (n=6)8.4±8.0 (n=5)10.4±4.9 (n=17)−29.30.132 (n=9)
  • * Data not imputed at long term follow-up.

  • Paired samples t-test used to calculate p values.

  • HADS, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale; HRSD, Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression; LQoLP, Lancashire Quality of Life Profile; MADRS, Montgomery Asperg Depression Rating Scale.