Table 3

NNIPPS MRI scale: inter-rater and intra-rater reliability

ImageMeasurementInter-rater (n=555)Intra-rater (n=60)
Sagittal T11. Pontine atrophy0.590.80
2. Cerebellar atrophy0.560.78
3. Fourth ventricle enlargement0.590.66
4. Midbrain atrophy0.600.62
5. Aqueduct of Sylvius enlargement0.530.63
Axial PD6. Ponto-cerebellar atrophy (Cross sign)0.700.88
7. Cerebellar peduncles hyperintensities0.640.94
Axial T28. Putamen marginal lateral rim0.520.67
9. Lateralisation of item 80.27*0.72*
10. Putamen marginal postero-medial rim0.290.68
11. Hypointense posterior putamen0.420.41
12. Hyperintense internal pallidum ventral area0.630.79
13. Hypointense red nuclei0.370.61
14. Hypointense substantia nigra0.300.55
15. Hyperintensity between red nucleus and substantia nigra0.260.52
16. Aqueduct of Sylvius enlargement0.510.60
17. Periaqueductal hyperintensity0.450.41
18. Punctate mesencephalic hyperintensities0.470.66
19. Increased interpeduncular angle0.490.62
20. Ponto-cerebellar atrophy (Cross sign)0.800.72
21. Cerebellar peduncles hyperintensities0.650.81
22. Middle cerebellar peduncles atrophy0.600.72
23. Hypointense dentate nuclei0.630.72
24. Fourth ventricle enlargement0.640.71
25. Hyperintense base of the pons0.350.76
26. Peripheral patches0.600.69
Coronal T227. Putamen marginal lateral rim0.450.75
28. Putamen marginal inferior rim0.170.38
29. Hyperintense internal pallidum ventral area0.640.78
30. Third ventricle enlargement0.580.69
31. Punctate upper mesencephalic hyperintensities0.480.73
Axial T132. Putamen marginal lateral rim0.600.83
  • Values in cells are weighted kappa statistics except for (*) which is simple κ.

  • ICC, intraclass coefficient; NNIPPS, Neuroprotection and Natural History in Parkinson's Plus Syndromes; PD, proton density.