Table 2

On-stimulation scores compared with off-stimulation scores at each follow-up and improvement (%) with stimulation

Item1 year off1 year on1 year improvement on (%)3–5 years off3–5 years on3–5 years improvement on (%)
Total ETRS38.7±4.817.6±8.254.545.1±16.0*21.9±10.0*51.4
Contralateral tremor of upper extremity (item 5/6)5.1±2.00.2±0.596.14.7±2.30.5±0.889.4
Contralateral hand function (items 11–14)7.4±3.60.9±±4.6*2.0±2.1*78.5
  • Values are mean±SD.

  • * p≤0.05, significant increase since the 1 year evaluation.

  • ETRS, Essential Tremor Rating Scale.