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DatabaseSearch syntax
Medline (PubMed)(Moyamoya [title/abstract] OR moya-moya [title/abstract] OR moya moya [title/abstract]) AND (epidemiology [title/abstract] OR epidemiological [title/abstract] OR population [title/abstract] OR populations [title/abstract] OR community [title/abstract] OR incidence [title/abstract] OR incidences [title/abstract] OR incidencia [title/abstract] OR frequency [title/abstract] OR rate [title/abstract] OR rates [title/abstract])
EMBASE(Moyamoya:ti,ab OR moya-moya:ti,ab OR moya:ti,ab) AND (epidemiology:ti,ab OR epidemiological:ti,ab OR population:ti,ab OR populations:ti,ab OR community:ti,ab OR incidence:ti,ab OR incidences:ti,ab OR incidencia:ti,ab OR frequency:ti,ab OR rate:ti,ab OR rates:ti,ab)
CINAHL(AB moyamoya OR AB moya-moya OR AB moya OR TI moyamoya OR TI moya-moya OR TI moya) AND (AB epidemiology OR AB epidemiological OR AB population OR AB populations OR AB community OR AB incidence OR AB incidences OR AB incidencia OR AB frequency OR AB rate OR AB rates OR TI epidemiology OR TI epidemiological OR TI population OR TI populations OR TI community OR TI incidence OR TI incidences OR TI incidencia OR TI frequency OR TI rate OR TI rates)