Table 3

Spearman's correlation coefficients (over all subjects) between FC values and scores on DIS-Qs and Raven's test

FC precentral sulcus—anterior insula0.47*0.51*0.39−0.48*
FC precentral sulcus—posterior insula0.560.46*0.42−0.56*
FC supramarginal gyrus—posterior insula0.45*0.540.45*−0.38
FC intraparietal sulcus—posterior insula0.340.45*0.37−0.32
FC inferior frontal gyrus—central sulcus0.540.46*0.39−0.24
FC precentral sulcus—central sulcus0.580.390.34−0.27
FC intraparietal sulcus—central sulcus0.640.53*0.43*−0.30
FC supramarginal gyrus—PCC0.46*0.390.39−0.50*
FC intraparietal sulcus—PCC0.59*0.53*0.50*−0.54
FC inferior frontal gyrus—ACC0.43*0.390.40−0.41
FC intraparietal sulcus—ACC0.540.43*0.49*−0.47*
FC inferior frontal gyrus—PO fissure0.400.390.46*−0.57*
FC precentral sulcus—PO fissure0.380.200.55−0.43*
FC supramarginal gyrus—PO fissure0.52*0.46*0.63−0.48*
FC intraparietal sulcus—PO fissure0.370.280.44*−0.55*
  • * Two-tailed p value is statistically significant at the 0.05 level.

  • Two-tailed p value is statistically significant at the 0.01 level.

  • ACC, anterior cingulate cortex; DES, dissociative experiences scale; DIS-Q, dissociation questionnaire; FC, functional connectivity value (Fisher-Z transformed); PCC, posterior cingulate cortex; PO, parieto-occipital; SDQ, somatic dissociation questionnaire.