Table 2

MRI parameters in vitamin D and placebo treated patients at baseline and at 12 months

Vitamin D groupPlacebo groupp Value
T2 BOD (mm3) (median (SE))
 Baselinen=344494 (1754)n=325893 (1891)
 Change from baselinen=3283 (128)n=30287 (283)0.105
No of Gd enhancing lesions on T1 (mean (SD))
 Baselinen=340.6 (2.4)n=320.7 (2.1)
 12 monthsn=320.1 (0.2)n=300.7 (3.5)0.004*
Patients with T1 enhancing lesions (n (%))
 Baselinen=346 (18)n=326 (19)
 12 monthsn=322 (6)n=304 (13)
No of new/enlarging T2 lesions (mean (SD))
 12 monthsn=320.5 (1.0)n=301.1 (2.2)0.286
Patients with new/enlarging T2 lesions (n (%))
 12 monthsn=328 (25)n=3011 (37)
T1 enhancing lesion volume (mm3) (mean (SD))
 Baselinen=3457 (196)n=3262 (185)0.780
 12 monthsn=323.1 (12)n=3029 (129)0.320
MRI activity (n (%))
 Baselinen=346 (18)n=326 (19)0.322
 12 monthsn=328 (25)n=3011 (37)
  • * Indicates statistically significant.

  • BOD, burden of disease; MRI activity, Gd (gadolinium) enhancing T1 lesions or new/enlarging T2 lesions.