Table 1

Demographic and clinical characteristics of essential tremor and spasmodic torticollis cases

ET (n=60)ST (n=19)p Value
Age (years)85.0±4.959.4±15.5<0.001*
Women46 (76.7)15 (78.9)1.00
Age at tremor onset (years)42.6±22.634.0±20.20.14*
Duration of tremor (years)42.5±23.025.4±19.50.005*
Anatomical location of limb dystonia
 ArmsN/A9 (47.4)N/A
 LegsN/A2 (10.5)N/A
Dystonic neck movements or neck postures on examination0 (0.0)19 (100)<0.001
Voice tremor on examination37 (63.8)6 (31.6)0.04
Arm kinetic tremor score (range 0–24)12.9±3.58.1±4.3<0.001*
Mean rating of arm kinetic tremor (range 0–4)2.2±0.61.4±0.7<0.001*
Uses a sensory trick or neck posture to lessen severity of head tremor0 (0.0)15 (93.8)<0.001
Reports neck painN/A12 (75.0)N/A
Experiences a sensation of pulling in their neckN/A11 (64.7)N/A
Notes a feeling of head twisting2 (3.3)12 (63.2)<0.001
No of ET medications used in the past year1.7±1.2 (range 0–5)N/AN/A
Deep brain stimulation surgery0 (0.0)0 (0.0)1.00
Received botulinum toxin injections as a treatment for their head tremor0 (0.0)10 (55.6)<0.001
No of botulinum toxin treatments for head tremor0.0±0.018.5±12.6<0.001*
Head tremor score while seated (range 0–4)2.03±0.861.63±0.550.02*
Head tremor while lying down5 (8.3%)13 (68.4%)<0.001
Head tremor score while lying down (range 0–4)0.12±0.420.76±0.710.001*
Change in head tremor score (seated–supine)1.92±0.890.87±0.88<0.001*
  • All values are mean±SD or number (percentage).

  • * Student's t test.

  • Fisher's exact test.

  • Missing data on one or more participants.

  • ET, essential tremor; N/A, not applicable or data not collected; ST, spasmodic torticollis.