Table 3

Factors related to a longer survival after non-invasive ventilation, Cox's proportional hazards model (stepwise)

FactorLevelHR (95% CI)p Value
Age at time of NIV (years)*≥7010.0001
Enteral nutritionNo10.012
Marital statusUnmarried10.019
Multidisciplinary ALS centreNo10.02
  • The following variables were included in the model: age at time of NIV (≤49 vs 50–59 vs ≥70 years), gender, site of onset (spinal vs bulbar), positive family history for ALS (yes vs no), marital status (married vs unmarried or divorced or widow/widower), follow-up in an ALS multidisciplinary centre (yes vs no), ALS duration before NIV (≤365 vs >365 days), education level (high school or higher vs junior high school or lower), period of diagnosis (1995–1999 vs 2000–2004), enteral nutrition (yes vs no).

  • * ≤49 years, 23 cases; 50–69 years, 157 cases; ≥70 years, 78 cases.

  • ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; NIV, non-invasive ventilation.