Table 1

Clinical profiles of POEMS syndrome and CIDP patients

POEMS (n=51)CIDP (n=46)p Value
Clinical profile
 Age (years)53 (11)44 (20)0.01
 Hughes grade3 (1–4)3 (2–4)0.7
 Time to Hughes grade 3 (months)7 (1–50)2 (1–6)0.5
Neurological feature
 Cranial nerve palsy2%18%0.009
MRC score
 Deltoid5 (3–5)4 (1–5)0.006
 Wrist extensor5 (2–5)4 (1–5)0.003
 Iliopsoas4 (1–5)4 (1–5)0.4
 Tibialis anterior2 (1–5)4 (1–5)0.03
Muscle atrophy
 Upper extremity37%22%0.1
 Lower extremity52%24%0.005
Sensory symptom
 Pain sensory loss69%83%0.09
 Vibratory sensory loss96%92%0.8
 CSF protein (mg/dl)126 (73)154 (163)0.4
  • Data are expressed as mean (SD), median (range) or per cent.

  • CIDP, chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy; MRC, Medical Research Council; POEMS syndrome, polyneuropathy, organomegaly, endocrinopathy, M protein and skin changes syndrome.