Table 2

Different cerebrovascular disease (stroke) mortality patterns in men aged 35–74 years from 1950 to 2005

Epidemic patternPeak mortality from stroke
High ≥300/105Moderate 200–299/105Low 100–199/105Very low <100/105
Decline only*Finland, South KoreaAustralia, USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, France Greece, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Chile, Israel, Cuba, PanamaNetherlands
Rise and fall (classical epidemic)Japan, Portugal, Romania, RussiaHungary, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Latvia, SingaporeIreland, Spain, Belgium, Norway, Poland, China (urban)
Rise only*Kyrgyzstan, KazakhstanArmenia, Belarus, UzbekistanChina (rural)
Flat (stable) (No epidemic yet)TajikistanMexico, Cuba, El Salvador, Egypt, Kuwait, Peru, Thailand
  • * Since the inception of data.

  • A previous rise has been assumed in case of constant fall since inception of data from later periods.

  • A little change in mortality has been observed since the inception of data.