Table 5

This table shows the comparison of the neuropsychological performance of ALS patients without dementia (ALS) and healthy controls (HC) on tasks of attention/executive function. This includes group mean scores and the proportion of each group with abnormal performance. Abnormal performance defined as a score that is two standard deviations below the mean for healthy controls. Results for written and spoken phonemic verbal fluency were merged for this analysis

Mean scores (and standard deviations)Abnormal performancen
Phonemic verbal fluency*19.0 (27.3)8.3 (4.8)<0.000134.7%4.1%<0.000112498
Category fluency17.6 (8.2)20.9 (4.7)<0.000120.8%1.0%<0.000110696
Stroop colour word task*34.2 (23.7)19.0 (17.6)<0.000124.8%3.8%<0.0001101105
Backward digit span task11.0 (3.9)11.6 (2.8)0.24713.9%1.9%0.003101108
Brixton spatial anticipation test5.4 (2.1)5.4 (1.9)0.8574.9%4.9%1.000122103
  • * Higher scores in these tasks indicate worse performance.

  • ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; n, number of participants.