TableĀ 2

Neuropsychological test data in FTLD with and without the C9orf72 repeat expansion

C9orf72 expansion positive FTLDC9orf72 expansion negative FTLDp Value
Age at baseline testing, years59.7 (1.4), N=2861.2 (1.2), N=410.422
Onset to baseline testing interval, years3.3 (0.5), N=283.8 (0.4), N=410.440
Baseline to follow-up testing interval, months14.2 (1.7), N=1715.2 (1.6), N=250.695
MMSE baseline score23.3 (1.4), N=2624.7 (0.9), N=360.505
MMSE annualised decline4.8 (1.2), N=152.7 (1.1), N=240.078
Verbal fluency score6.2 (0.9), N=196.4 (0.8), N=280.777
Verbal fluency annualised decline4.5 (1.3), N=101.4 (0.8), N=160.023
  • FTLD, frontotemporal lobar degeneration; MMSE, Mini-Mental State Examination.