Table 4

Means and SDs of scales in the German language sample (N=153)

QOLIBRI total (0–100)71.8217.24
QOLIBRI-OS (0–100)64.7320.80
SWLS (5–35)24.036.76
QoL-VAS (0–100)60.2623.41
SF-36–Physical Component Score (T-score)47.7511.08
SF-36–Mental Component Score (T-score)46.5111.18
HADS anxiety (0–21)5.884.11
HADS depression (0–21)5.414.16
  • The scores on the SWLS have been adjusted to match the standard version which is scored on a 5–35-point scale.

  • GOSE, Extended Glasgow Outcome Scale; HADS, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale; QoL-VAS, Quality of Life Visual Analogue Scale; QOLIBRI-OS, Quality of Life after Brain Injury Overall Scale; SF-36, Short-Form-36; SWLS, Satisfaction With Life Scale.