Table 4

Tendency of the groups to have SOREM periods from NREM1, NREM2 or wake

GroupSOREM periods from NREM1SOREM periods from NREM2SOREM periods from wake
N+C*48/64 (75%)14/64 (21%)2/64 (3.1%)
N−C*52/101 (52%)46/101 (46%)3/101 (2.9%)
IH0/1 (0%)1/1 (100%)0/0 (0%)
BIISS0/6 (0%)6/6 (100%)0/0 (0%)
PLMD0/4 (0%)4/4 (100%)0/0 (0%)
  • SOREM periods from NREM1 or wake only for the N+C and N−C groups.

  • *p=0.0024 for the N+C versus N−C group. Fisher's exact test was performed.

  • BIISS, behaviourally induced inadequate sleep syndrome; IH, idiopathic hypersomnia; N+C, narcolepsy with cataplexy; N−C, narcolepsy without cataplexy; NREM, non-rapid eye movement sleep; PLMD, periodic limb movement disorder; SOREM, sleep onset rapid eye movement.