Table 2

Demographics for the study population recorded at the baseline visit

Age (years)69.070.962.00.005
Gender (men/women)58/3013/1710/90.2
Handedness (right/left/ambidextrous)74/13/129/116/30.5
Years of education11.912.013.00.3
UPDRS III (on therapy)-29.729.00.8
MDS-UPDRS III (on therapy)30.5
Duration of symptoms at baseline (years)<0.0001
Percentage on dopaminergic therapy45.318.1300.05
Mean levodopa dose of those on medication (mg)273.6220.0266.70.7
  • p Values based on F tests in one-way analysis of variance, or χ2, as appropriate.

  • CBD, corticobasal degeneration; PD, Parkinson's disease; PSP, progressive supranuclear palsy.