Table 4

Comparison of immunotherapy response and outcome in paediatric patients with antibody positive and antibody negative encephalopathy

Antibody positive (n=21)Antibody negative (n=27)
Immunotherapy received17 (80%)17 (63%)
 Corticosteroids only611
 IVIG only02
 Additional PLEX40
 Disease modifying drugs50
Immunotherapy response16 (94%)16 (94%)
 Probable response1013
 Definite response63
Modified Rankin scale score (for children) at nadir4.5+0.604.5+0.58
Modified Rankin scale score (for children) at follow-up1.8+0.751.6+0.84
Ongoing problems (further details in figure 3)15 (71%)13 (48%)
 10/14 (71%) untreated3/4 (75%)13 (48%)
 18/34 (52%) treated12/17 (70%)6/17 (35%)
  • No significant difference was seen in immunotherapy response and outcome. Antibody positive patients were more likely to receive PLEX and second line immunotherapy.

  • IVIG, intravenous immunoglobulins; PLEX, plasma exchange.