Table 3

Dependence of MRI measures on sun exposure

MRI characteristicSummer sun quartiles slope±SESummer sun quartiles rp (p value)EDSS
rp (p value)
T2-LV−0.037±0.0310.08 (0.23)0.27 (<0.001)
T1-LV−0.008±0.047−0.013 (0.87)0.30 (<0.001)
GMV12.4±5.30.16 (0.019)−0.19 (0.005)
WBV18.2±6.20.20 (0.004)−0.15 (0.027)
Summer sun quartiles slope±SESummer sun quartilesEDSS25 OH VD3
T2-LV−0.033±0.026−0.08 (0.22)0.23 (<0.001)−0.05 (0.42)
T1-LV−0.009±0.032−0.02 (0.78)0.23 (<0.001)−0.11 (0.087)
GMV10.1±4.50.14 (0.026)−0.18 (0.003)0.06 (0.34)
WBV15.6±5.30.18 (0.003)−0.16 (0.012)−0.003 (0.97)
  • All analyses were corrected for age, sex and EDSS. The results without (top half of table) and with correction for 25 hydroxy vitamin D3 levels are shown (bottom half of table). The slope± SE is shown for summer quartiles only. The partial correlation (rp) and covariate p value (in parentheses) results for each predictor are shown.

  • Slope±SE units are ml per quartile for GMV and WBV. The units of slope±SE are per quartile for T2-LV and T1-LV, which were log transformed.

  • EDSS, Extended Disability Status Scale; GMV, grey matter volume; LV, lesion volume; WBV, whole brain volume.