Table 2

Time to treatment withdrawal and time to first seizure by VPA and CBZ strata for subgroups of patients with focal or generalised seizures only (intent-to-treat population excluding unclassified/unknown seizure types)

LEVStandard AEDsHR (95% CI)*
Time to treatment withdrawal
 VPA stratum
  Focal seizures only991591180.73 (0.37 to 1.44)
  Generalised seizures only22654232491.16 (0.79 to 1.71)
 CBZ stratum
  Focal seizures only4181094401300.84 (0.65 to 1.09)
  Generalised seizures only4654080.49 (0.16 to 1.49)
Time to first seizure
 VPA stratum
  Focal seizures only994491371.03 (0.67 to 1.60)
  Generalised seizures only22678232671.28 (0.93 to 1.78)
 CBZ stratum
  Focal seizures only4181984401721.24 (1.01 to 1.52)
  Generalised seizures only461540101.17 (0.53 to 2.60)
  • * HR of <1 favours LEV.

  • AED, antiepileptic drug; CBZ, carbamazepine; LEV, levetiracetam; VPA, sodium valproate; N, number of patients; Event, number of patients who had the event (treatment withdrawal or seizure); HR, HR for time to event (treatment withdrawal or first seizure).