Table 3

Time to treatment withdrawal, treatment withdrawal rates, time to first seizure and seizure freedom rates for LEV and standard AEDs (intent-to-treat population)

LEV (N=841)Standard AEDs (N=847)p Value*HR (95% CI)
Time to treatment withdrawal
 Events200 (23.8%)219 (25.9%)0.2580.90 (0.74 to 1.08)
 Censored641 (76.2%)628 (74.1%)
Treatment withdrawal rate
 6 months18.0%20.8%
 12 months23.9%25.9%
Time to first seizure
 Events355 (42.2%)305 (36.0%)0.0221.20 (1.03 to 1.39)
 Censored484 (57.8%)542 (64.0%)
Seizure freedom rate
 6 months59.8%64.5%
 12 months53.9%59.9%
  • HR of <1 favours LEV.

  • Patients who completed the 1-year treatment period without any reason to withdraw from treatment were censored at the date of the last intake of study medication. Patients with no documented date of discontinuation were censored at the last known date when they had been receiving study medication.

  • * p value obtained from the Wald test (Cox's Proportional Hazard Regression Analysis).

  • HR and 95% CI obtained from Cox's Proportional Hazard Regression Analysis.

  • n, number of patients; Event, number of patients who had the event (treatment withdrawal or seizure); HR, HR for time to event (treatment withdrawal or first seizure).