Table 2

Clinical and MRI outcomes at baseline and at 2 years

Clinical or MRI characteristicBaseline2 yearsp Value*
Median EDSS (IQR)1.50 (0.50)1.50 (1.0)0.012
Clinically definite MS57/135 (42%)
Number of subjects with ≥1 relapses57/135 (42%)
Total number of relapses over 2 years0.92±1.4
Annual relapse rate0.46±0.67
Median time to first relapse†, months5.7±7.9
Contrast-enhancing lesion number0.77±2.30.70±3.90.21
Contrast-enhancing lesion volume, cm0.068±0.240.080±0.530.27
T2-LV, cm34.9±5.64.9±7.60.022
Normalised WBV, cm31504±711486±71<0.001
Normalised WMV, cm3712±37706±370.004
Normalised GMV, cm3792±47779±48<0.001
Cumulative contrast-enhancing lesion number1.1±4.7
Cumulative number of new T2 lesions3.8±9.0
Cumulative number of new/enlarging lesions5.3±13
Change in brain volume, %−1.26±1.3
Change in grey matter volume, %−1.59±2.2
  • The MRI outcomes are shown a mean±SD.

  • *Non-parametric Wilcoxon test.

  • †For the subset with≥1 relapses.

  • GMV, grey matter volume; LV, lesion volume; MS, multiple sclerosis; WBV, whole brain volume; WMV, white matter volume.