Table 3

Demographics of patients, grafted and non-grafted. The table shows the age at time of operation (for patients without grafts, the time of surgery is taken as May of the year 2000; which is the average date of the operations of the first four patients) along with their disease characteristics

GroupAgeM:FDuration of disease at time of first surgery (years)Duration of disease at last assessmentUHDRS total motor score at surgeryLast recorded UHDRS total motor score (months after first graft)
Patient 150F7173137 (120 mo)
Patient 252M9154658 (108 mo)
Patient 353M7163266 (96 mo)
Patient 445M6157887 (36mo)
Patient 544M4101225 (78 mo)
Patients with grafts average48.8±14.64 : 16.6±0.814.6±1.239.8±10.954.6±10.9
Patients withoutgrafts  average49.8±2.028 : 47.2±2.414.9±3.527.9±14.040.5±19.7
  • It should be noted that the UHDRS motor scores, especially the last recorded scores of the patients without grafts were very variable; ranging from 17 to 79 (maximum score is 124).

  • UHDRS, Unified Huntington's Disease Rating Scale