Table 1

Patient characteristics at time of recruitment

Sex (M:F)4 : 18 : 4
Age at recruitment43.4±1.547.2±2.72.11
Age at transplant48.0±1.551.1±2.10.88
Education age13.8±0.6912.3±0.71.27
Total functional assessment27.0±0.726.2±0.50.80
Total functional capacity10.4±0.810.8±0.60.36
Independence score94.0±1.694.6±3.20.11
Mini mental state exam28.8±0.327.8±0.70.88
WAIS (vocab)11.2±0.810.1±0.7−1.45
WAIS (block design)11.0±1.210.7±0.7−0.33
VOSP battery (total score)132.6±2.8129.8±3.3−0.93
VOSP battery (n of pass)1.0±0.61.3±0.40.62
Boston naming test28.0±0.426.8±0.4−2.80
Token test33.8±0.932.7±0.5−1.53
  • *All differences are non-significant at p>0.10, with the exception of the NART scores, p<0.01.

  • N.B: As patient recruitment took place more than 12 years ago, while genetic confirmation of the HD gene expansion was obtained for all participants, the exact CAG repeat length was not documented in many cases.

  • UHDRS, Unified Huntington's Disease Rating Scale; WAIS, Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale; VOSP, visual object and space perception battery; NART, National Adult Reading Test.