Table 1

Demographics and clinical characteristics of the patients

Sex (F:M) (% female)202:62 (76.5)
Disease course (n (%))*
 Relapsing–remitting179 (67.8)
 Secondary progressive74 (28.0)
 Primary progressive11 (4.2)
Race/ethnicity (n (%))†
 Caucasian240 (93.0)
 African-American12 (4.7)
 Hispanic/Latino4 (1.6)
 Asian0 (0)
 Other2 (0.8)
Age (years)46.9±10.0
Disease duration (years)14.6±10.0
Treatment duration (years)3.7±3.7
Median EDSS (median (IQR))3.0 (4.0)
Disease modifying therapy (n (%))
 IFN β-1a (Avonex)80 (30.3)
 IFN β-1a (Rebif)20 (7.6)
 IFN β-1b (Betaseron)1 (0.4)
 Glatiramer acetate59 (22.3)
 Natalizumab54 (20.5)
 Missing5 (1.5)
 No therapy30 (11.4)
CEL (number)0.32±2.1
CE-LV (ml)0.038±0.24
T2-LV (ml)15.8±16.5
T1-LV (ml)3.9±7.2
GMV (ml)789±88
WBV (ml)1550±103
  • *Secondary progressive and secondary progressive with superimposed relapses are grouped. Primary progressive and primary relapsing MS patients are grouped.

  • †Data unavailable for six MS patients.

  • Data are mean±SD or number (%), except for EDSS, which is expressed as median (interquartile range).

  • CEL, contrast enhancing lesion; CE-LV, contrast enhancing lesion volume; EDSS, Extended Disability Status Scale; GMV, grey matter volume; IFN, interferon; LV, lesion volume; MS, multiple sclerosis; WBV, whole brain volume.