Table 3

Fasciculation potential (FP) parameters in TA muscles of MRC 5 strength in patients with ALS

Number of FPsMean amplitude (μV)Mean duration (ms)Mean number of phasesPolyphasics (%)
Normal muscles n=2177560.6±366.9 range 123–148012.62±4.36 range 2.8–23.93.25±1.05 range 2–710.5
Muscles with partial denervation n=40146799.1±674.5 range 135–359913.67±5.35 range 4.5–37.43.82±1.97 range 2–1522.6
p Value=0.0050.160.020.03
  • In ‘normal muscles’ there were no fibs-sw, and MUP analysis was normal; the neuromuscular jitter was normal or increased. In ‘muscles with partial denervation’ the muscle EMG showed fibs-sw and/or abnormal MUP analysis, and the jitter was almost always markedly increased.

  • ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; EMG, electromyography; fibs-sw, fibrillation/sharp-waves; MRC, medical research council; MUP, motor unit potential; TA, tibialis anterior.