Table 1

Changes in clinical symptom scales and disability over time

 T0 (n=16)T1 (n=14)T2 (n=15)Repeated measures analysis
Y-BOCS33.75(3.62)20.71(10.25)18.00(9.20)DF 2, F 24.496, p<0.001
HAM-A20.88(5.92)13.29(6.64)13.20(8.94)DF 2, F 8.132, p=0.002
HAM-D19.50(6.70)13.00(6.41)11.40(8.72)DF 2, F 11.063, p<0.001
SDS work8.94(1.06)6.29(3.05)6.07(3.22)DF 2, F 9.600, p=0.001
SDS soc.9.00(0.97)5.36(2.82)5.33(3.11)DF 2, F 15.845, p<0.001
SDS fam.7.881.50)5.43(2.82)4.67(2.74)DF 2, F 12.631, p<0.001
  • T0, 1 month before device implantation; T1, after 8 months of active stimulation; T2, after 3–5 years of active stimulation.

  • Y-BOCS, Yale–Brown Obsessive–Compulsive Scale; HAM-A, Hamilton Anxiety Scale; HAM-D, Hamilton Depression Rating Scale; SDS work, Sheehan Disability Scale domain work; SDS soc., Sheehan Disability Scale domain social functioning; SDS fam., Sheehan Disability Scale domain family relationships.