Table 3

Comparison of the paraclinical features in paediatric patients with antibody positive and negative encephalopathy

Antibody positive (n=21)Antibody negative (n=27)
MRI abnormalities11 (52%)7 (26%)
 Normal at presentation1421
 Reversible changes76
EEG abnormalities20 (95%)23 (88%)
 Generalised encephalopathy1212
 Focal encephalopathy23
 Encephalopathy with epileptic discharges22
 Epileptic discharges only32
 Fast activity11
 Epileptic discharges progressing to encephalopathy25
CSF abnormalities8 (38%)7 (27%)
 Lymphocytosis5 (WCC 8–73)3 (WCC 16–57)
 Oligoclonal bands33
  • MRI abnormalities were seen more commonly in the antibody negative group, highlighted by higher rates of atrophy seen on subsequent imaging. No significant difference was seen between the two groups.

  • CSF, cerebrospinal fluid; WCC, white cell count.