Table 2

Studies assessing incidence and prevalence of dementia and mild cognitive impairment in patients with lacunar stroke

No of studiesNo of patientsPooled risk or proportion (95% CI) (%)I2 (95% CI) (%)
Incidence of dementia (only previously non-demented patients included)
 1st stroke12110 (2 to 27)n/a
 1st or recurrent stroke639712 (6 to 18)66.4 (0 to 89)
Prevalence of dementia (where the authors specified that they included patients who had dementia prior to the stroke)
 1st stroke298721 (1 to 55)n/a
 1st or recurrent stroke6142120 (9 to 33)95.6 (93.4 to 96.8)
Prevalence of dementia (including studies where the methods were unclear and the authors did not state whether they included patients with dementia)
 1st stroke4126220 (8 to 36)95.9 (93 to 97)
 1st or recurrent stroke9177718 (9.6 to 30)95.7 (95 to 96.7)
Incidence of MCI or dementia (only previously cognitively intact patients included)
 1st stroke16445 (34 to 58)n/a
 1st or recurrent stroke427537 (23 to 53)85.5 (54 to 93)
Prevalence of MCI or dementia (where the authors specifically included prior dementia and MCI)
 No studies
Prevalence of MCI or dementia (including studies where the methods were unclear)
 1st stroke212034 (0 to 9)n/a
 1st or recurrent stroke426638 (13 to 66)96 (93.3 to 97.3)
  • MCI, mild cognitive impairment.