Table 1

Characteristics of patients with hemianopia

Location of lesion in visual pathwayMean deviation
PatientGenderAge (years)HemisphereLocationCauseDuration (years)**HVF†Scan‡
T1*M40RightOptic tractTrauma3−31.7 (−3.8)UK
T2M56LeftOptic tractTrauma3.5−30.8 (−2.8)UK
T3F55LeftOptic tract/radiationResection1.5−30.0 (+0.2)BR
T4*F42RightOptic tract/radiationResection4−32.6 (−2.7)BR
L1*F44LeftLGNStroke3−22.1 (−2.9)UK
R1M48RightOptic radiationStroke3−30.2 (−5.2)UK
R2M54RightOptic radiationStroke5−31.3 (−5.7)UK
R3F50RightOptic radiation (Meyer's loop)Resection2.5−16.6 (−1.8)BR
S1M73LeftV1+Resection18−23.2 (−2.3)UK
S2M46LeftV1+Stroke5−29.3 (−5.7)UK
S3M53LeftV1+Trauma45−31.5 (−5.1)UK
S4*M67RightPartial V1Stroke2−15.6 (+0.5)UK
S5*M31LeftPartial V1+Resection3−17.2 (−1.5)BR
S6*F57RightPartial V1Stroke3−16.0 (−0.4)UK
O1F29RightFull visual cortexResection7−32.2 (−1.7)BR
O2F46LeftFull visual cortexResection7−30.8 (−4.2)BR
O3F40RightFull visual cortexResection6−30.9 (−2.2)BR
L2cF30LeftLGN/radiationCongenital−20.8 (−0.5)UK
R5cM30RightRadiation/extrastriate cortexCongenital−12.6 (−1.5)UK
S7cF27LeftV1Congenital−34.0 (−2.4)UK
S9cF58LeftV1Congenital−24.3 (−3.2)UK
S10cM38RightV1Congenital−25.1 (−1.0)UK
S11cF27RightV1+Congenital−28.8 (−5.3)BR
S12cM54LeftV1Congenital−16.9 (−3.0)UK
  • *patients who were scanned more than once.

  • **Time since the initial insult causing the hemianopia occurred, in years.

  • †Mean deviation computed for each hemifield, with the unaffected hemifield in brackets.

  • ‡Location where patients were scanned (UK or Brazil). Age and lesion duration details for patients with multiple scans refer to the latest scan acquired. Patients’ identifier beginning with ‘T’ indicates optic tract damage, ‘L’ is lateral geniculate nucleus, ‘R’ is optic radiation, ‘S’ is striate cortex and ‘O’ is occipital lobe.

  • LGN, Lateral geniculate nucleus. Patients with congenital damage are indicated with ‘c’