Table 4

Multiple binary logistic regression analysis

Age at disease onsetAge at disease onset
20 years25 years30 years35 years40 years20 years25 years30 years35 years40 years
REL Y1-2
1 attack3.
2 attacks3.
3 attacks4.
Disease duration=2 yearsDisease duration=10 years
1 attack8.911.214.418.323.412.816.320.826.533.8
2 attacks9.812.415.920.325.914.
3 attacks10.813.817.622.428.615.620.025.532.541.4
Disease duration=15 yearsDisease duration=20 years
  • Table shows OR expressing the probability of converting to SP MS according to concomitant effect of age at onset, number of early (during the first 2 years) relapses and disease duration.