Table 3

FTM tremor rating scale, functional scores in the ‘on’ and ‘off’ states

FTM scale, itemBaseline evaluation
DBS ‘off’
Baseline evaluation
DBS ‘on’
Mean improvement (%)p Value
15. Speaking1.921.6911.920.190
16. Feeding other than liquids3.152.1531.750.004
17. Bringing liquids to mouth3.542.5428.250.009
18. Hygiene tasks3.462.1537.86<0.001
19. Dressing3.232.0835.61<0.001
20. Writing3.312.0837.170.001
21. Working tasks3.462.3831.220.001
ADL score (total)22.0715.0731.72<0.001
Total score80.6949.1539.09<0.001
  • FTM scale functional scores range from 0=normal, 1=mildly abnormal, 2=moderately abnormal, 3=markedly abnormal and 4=severely abnormal.

  • ADL, activities of daily living; DBS, deep brain stimulation; FTM, Fahn–Tolosa–Marin.