Table 2

Clinical features in patients with VGKC-complex antibodies >400 pM

SubjectHighest VGKC levels/specific antibody if found*Physician's diagnosis/duration of follow-upCSFResponse to immunotherapiesAutoimmune likelihood
M, 61453, LGI1Limbic encephalitis/60 monthsNAYesDefinite
F, 62751, LGI1Limbic encephalitisAcellular; Pro N; OCB −veYesDefinite
M, 541032, LGI1Limbic encephalitis/24 monthsAcellular, Pro NYesDefinite
F, 831555, LGI1Limbic encephalitis/31 monthsNTYesDefinite
M, 706846, LGI1Limbic encephalitis/20 monthsNAYesDefinite
M, 741098, Contactin2Possible limbic encephalitis/36 months5 WC (lymph); Pro 0.55 matched OCBYesDefinite
M, 685067Limbic encephalitis/38 monthsAcellular; Pro N; matched OCBYesDefinite
M 56555Limbic encephalitis/63 monthsWC<1, RC 8, Pro N, matched OCBYesDefinite
F, 742208, NTLimbic encephalitis/52 monthsNTYesDefinite
M, 73555, NTLimbic encephalitis/6 monthsAcellular; Pro 0.83, OCB −veYesDefinite
M, 72857Paraneoplastic syndrome; bladder cancerAcellular; Pro 1.59; OCB −veNot triedParaneoplastic
F, 52454Neuromyotonia associated with VGKC antibodies/38 monthsNTNot triedPossible
M, 40552Stiff person syndrome/30 months, GAD Ab positive1 WC; 2 RC, Pro NYes, partialPossible
F, 441652Cognitive and cerebellar syndrome/50 monthsWC 3; RC 1200; Pro N; OCB +ve CSF and serumEquivocalPossible
F, 67548Choreiform movement disorder of undetermined aetiology/39 monthsWC<1; RC 72; Pro 0.49Not triedPossible
M, 38569Possible mitochondrial disease, possible acquired neuromyotonia, possible periodic paralysis/36 monthsNTNot triedPossible
F, 251084Intractable childhood onset focal epilepsy of undetermined aetiology/13 monthsNTNot triedPossible
M, 221477Asperger's syndrome + elevated VGKC of undetermined aetiology/60 monthsAcellular; Pro N, OCB −ve.Not triedPossible
M, 304893Intractable epilepsy aetiology undetermined/6 monthsNTNot triedPossible
M, 60448Possible periodic paralysisNTNot triedPossible
M, 58987, NTHepatic encephalopathy (evidence of liver failure and raised ammonia)/1 monthNTNot triedUnlikely
M, 69868Frontotemporal lobar degeneration/20 monthsAcellular; Pro N; OCB −veNot triedUnlikely
F, 80969Lewy body dementia/7 monthsAcellular, Pro N, OCB +ve CSF and serumNot triedUnlikely
  • See footnote to table 1.

  • *120; low-grade peripheral nervous system symptoms for 120 months, with new symptoms developing 6 months before the diagnosis of cancer.

  • GAD, glutamate decarboxylase; NT, not tested; OCB, oligoclonal bands; RC, red cells; VGKC, voltage-gated potassium channel; WC, white cells.