Table 5

Logistic regression analysis of MRI variables associated with disability progression at 5-year and 10-year follow-up

5-year follow-up10-year follow-up
βp Valueβp Value
Whole brain volume−0.571**−0.391*
Grey matter volume−0.124ns0.017ns
White matter volume0.049ns−0.004ns
Lateral ventricular volume0.018ns0.006ns
Cortical volume−0.338**−0.126ns
Total SDGM volume−0.113*−0.072ns
Subcortical deep grey matter structures
  • Logistic regression analysis corrected for age, sex, scanner type, baseline disease duration, T1-LVs and T2-LVs, MS subtype and months and type of DMT. Disability progression was measured using the Expanded Disability Status Scale.

  • **Significant at p<0.01.

  • *Trend at p<0.05.