Table 1

Clinical and demographic features of patients from this series

CaseGenderAge at evaluation (years)Target nucleus (VIM)Age at surgical implantation (years)Time with DBSInitial tremor improvement (%)Number of IPG replacementsOperatory complications and electrode revisionsSide effects of stimulation
1F82Bilateral739 years, 6 months>752NoneMild gait ataxia and dysarthria
2M80Left6811 years, 10 months50–752NoneNone
3M78Left6612 years50–751NoneNone
4F85Bilateral7213 years50–754Vasovagal reaction during surgeryMild to moderate dysarthria
5M69Bilateral5811 years, 3 months>903NoneMild gait ataxia
6F72Left6110 years, 9 months>752NoneNone
7M75Bilateral6410 years, 8 months50–752Electrode migration (meningioma)Mild gait ataxia and dysarthria
8F79Bilateral6513 years, 8 months>903Electrode migration (Unknown cause)Mild gait ataxia and dysarthria
9M88Bilateral7810 years, 3 months50–752NoneMild gait ataxia
10F47Right3710 years, 2 months>753NoneNone
11F79Left6810 years, 11 months50–753NoneMild dysarthria
12M85Left769 years, 6 months>902NoneMild gait ataxia and dysarthria
13M80Bilateral7510 years50–754Electrode migration (Unknown cause)Mild gait ataxia
  • DBS, deep brain stimulation; IPG, internal pulse generator replacement; VIM, ventral intermediate.