Table 5

(A) Diagnostic classification for patients with ‘CBD mimics’, mimicking CBD clinically but with non-CBD pathology, using criteria proposed by Armstrong et al.1 (B) Postmortem findings in clinical mimics of CBD

(A) DiagnosisAt presentationDuring lifetime
Probable CBD910
Possible CBD5 4
Probable CBS2 4
Possible CBS8 (10)10 (14)
Frontal behavioural-spatial (FBS) phenotype0 (7) 0
Non-fluent/agrammatic variant0 (3) 0
Progressive supranuclear palsy phenotype0 (1) 0
Alzheimer's disease10
Frontotemporal dementia (TDP-43) 2
Mixed Alzheimer's disease/Lewy body disease 2
  • CBD, corticobasal degeneration; CBS, corticobasal syndrome.