Table 1

Summary of patient clinical and demographic data according to autoimmune cohort

Secondary autoimmunityNo secondary autoimmunity
Gender, the female to male ratio3:11.5:1
Pretreatment annualised relapse rateMean 1.8
Range 0.5–3.5
Mean 1.9
Range 1.0–4.5
Age at first treatmentMean 31.2 years
Range 17–48 years
Mean 32.9 years
Range 17–62 years
Type of secondary autoimmune disease (% of sum patients)Thyroid 35%
ITP 1.4%
Goodpasture's 0.7%
Others* 1.4%
Number of treatment cycles before onset of autoimmunityMedian 2
Range 1–3
Time from baseline treatment to onset of autoimmunityMean 33 months
Range 9–79 months
  • *Others: autoimmune hepatitis and anti-neutrophil antibody neutropaenia.

  • ITP, idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura.