Table 2

FTM tremor rating scale, clinical scores in the on and off states

FTM scale, itemMaximal possible scoreNon-blinded
DBS ‘off’
DBS ‘on’
DBS ‘off’
DBS ‘on’
p Value*p Value†
Sum ETRS (1–14)11658.6234.0856.0735.23<0.001<0.001
Tremor scores (1–9)8029.6212.8528.214.850.0010.002
 Voice tremor41.380.772.082.150.0010.673
 Head tremor‡81.230.381.380.690.0110.013
Tremor upper extremity§
RUE (item 5)
Handwriting (item 10)42.691.462.231.310.0020.002
Hand function (items 11–14)
  • *Comparison between non-blinded DBS on/off.

  • †Comparison between blinded on/off DBS.

  • ‡Includes rest and postural tremor.

  • §Includes, rest postural and action tremor. Contralateral hemibodies n=20, ipsilateral hemibodies n=6.

  • DBS, deep brain stimulation; ETRS, Essential Tremor Rating Scale; FTM, Fahn–Tolosa–Marin; RUE, right upper extremity.