Table 3

T2 lesion load and total and regional DIR GM lesions of patients, and MTR values within the spectroscopic voxels of patients and controls

T2 lesion load (mean (SD))7.05 mL (7.60)
DIR lesions (median (range))
 Total grey matter lesions22 lesions (range 6–275)
 Hippocampal lesions in the right hippocampal spectroscopic VOI0.5 lesions (range 0–3)
 Thalamic lesions in the right thalamic VOI0 lesions (range 0–2)
 Grey matter lesions in the cingulate cortex VOI0 lesions (range 0–12)
 Grey matter lesions in the post. parietal VOI1 lesion (range 0–6)
Total GM lesions in each structure on DIR (median[range])
 Right hippocampal lesions0.5 lesions (range 0–3)
 Right thalamic lesions0 lesions (range 0–2)
 GM fraction (mean (SD))0.45 (0.04)0.42 (0.02)*
MTR (mean (SD))
 MTR in the right hippocampal VOI33.1 (2.0)31.1 (4.4)
 MTR in the right thalamic VOI30.8 (1.5)29.1 (2.8)*
 MTR in the cingulate cortex VOI30.9 (1.1)28.6 (2.7)*
 MTR in the posterior parietal VOI37.9 (0.9)35.3 (2.5)*
  • Note that the number of DIR lesions in the patients’ hippocampus and thalamus was similar to those seen in the spectroscopic hippocampal and thalamic voxels.

  • *p<0.05.

  • DIR, double inversion recovery; GM, grey matter; MTR, magnetisation transfer ratio; VOI, spectroscopic volume of interest; WM, white matter.