Table 4

Associations between socioeconomic deprivation and access to atrial fibrillation medical follow-up in SLSR of 1995–2010

Socioeconomic deprivationAtrial fibrillation medication*
YesNop ValueMultivariate adjusted
nPer centnPer centOR†95% CIp Value
At 3 months
  Yes8364.820781.50.0000.460.27 to 0.790.005
At 1 year
  Yes8330.718377.50.0860.750.42 to 1.310.311
At 2 years
  Yes6574.714379.40.3820.930.45 to 1.940.856
At 3 years
  Yes6671.011577.70.2390.690.33 to 1.430.316
At 4 years
  Yes5775.010676.30.8370.790.36 to 1.720.554
At 5 years
  Yes4367.29583.30.0130.390.17 to 0.880.024
  • *Based on patients having atrial fibrillation.

  • †ORadjusted for age, sex, ethnicity, living conditions before stroke, period of stroke, BI (each analysis changed at its data collection), stroke subtype, Glasgow coma scale sore (≥13), incontinence, speech deficit and motor deficit.

  • BI, Barthel index; SLSR, South London Stroke Register.