Table 2

Demographic data for patients with confirmed CBD pathology (‘CBD’) and clinical diagnosis of CBD but negative pathology (‘CBD mimics’); p values for group differences were not significant for any comparison, by χ2 or t tests as appropriate

Pathology‘CBD’‘CBD mimics’
Number of patients (n)1914
M:F ratio9:107:7
Age at presentation (mean±SD)67 (8)69 (9)
Duration of disease, diagnosis to death (year; mean±SD)4 (3)5 (3)
MMSE at presentation/30 (mean±SD)15 (8)21 (5)
ACE-R total at presentation/100 (mean±SD)51 (25)65 (13)
  • CBD, corticobasal degeneration; MMSE, mini mental state examination.