TableĀ 1

Table to show the summary of targets for DBS for the treatment of epilepsy

Controlled trial
TargetPrimary authorYearOutcome
Anterior nucleus of the thalamusFisher2010SANTE trial: 40.4% median seizure reduction
CerebellumVan Buren197869% seizure reduction in 80% patients
Velasco2005>50% seizure reduction in 80% cases
Centromedian nucleus of the thalamusFisher1992>50% seizure reduction in 80% cases
Velasco2000No significant difference
HippocampusTellez-Zenteno200615% seizure reduction
Velasco2007>50% seizure reduction in all 9 patients
McLachlan201033% seizure reduction
Caudate nucleusNone (case reports only)
Subthalamic nucleusNone (case reports only)
Corpus callosum/fornixNone (animal models only)
Posterior hypothalamic mammillary nucleiNone (case reports only)
Locus coeruleusNone (case reports only)
  • Amended from Wu and Sharan.33

  • DBS, deep brain stimulation.