Table 2

Antibodies used in immunocytochemistry

#AntibodyOriginTargetDilutionAntigen retrievalSource
1PLPMouse (mAB)PLP1:1000St (E)MCA839G; Serotec
2CD68Mouse (mAB)Phagocytic macrophages1:100St (E)M0814; Dako
3NFRabbit (pAB)NF 150 kDa1:2000St (E)AB1981; Chemicon
48OHdGGoat (pAB)8-Hydroxy 2-deoxy guanosine1:1000St (E)*Abcam, ab10802
5APPMouse (mAB)APP1:1000St (C)MAB348; Chemicon
6CD3Rabbit (mAB)T cells1:2000St (E)†RM-9107-S; Neomarkers
7E06Mouse (mAB)Oxidised phospholipids10 µ/mL0 or St (C or E)Palinski et al, 199643
8IBA-1Rabbit (pAB)IBA-11:3000St (E)*019-19741; WAKO Chemicals
9iNOSRabbit (pAB)iNOS1:30000St (E)AB5384; Chemicon
10MBPRabbit (pAB)Myelin basic protein1:25000A0623; Dako
11P22phoxRabbit (pAB)NADPH oxidase protein1:100St (C)sc-20781; Santa Cruz
12TPPP/p25Rabbit (pAB)Oligodendrocytes1:250St (E)*G. G. Kovacs, Vienna
13GFAPRabbit (pAB)Astrocytic GFAP1:2000St (E)*Z0334; Dako
14MAP-2Mouse (mAB)Neurons1:100St (E)*M4403; Sigma
  • This table lists antibodies that were used in this study. Antibodies #1–3 were used for staining in all cases of multiple sclerosis (MS) and all controls. Antibodies #4–11 were used for staining in a subsample of 31 MS cases displaying deep grey matter and in all controls. Antibodies #12–14 and also antibody #8 were used for double-labelling with iron.

  • *Antibody labelling visualised with Fast blue B instead of routinely used 3,3′-diaminobenzidine.

  • †3,3′-Diaminobenzidine development enhanced by biotinylated tyramine amplification.

  • 0, no antigen retrieval; APP, amyloid precursor protein; C, citrate buffer (pH 6.0); E, EDTA buffer (pH 9.0); GFAP, glial fibrillary acidic protein; IBA-1, ionised calcium-binding adapter molecule 1; iNOS, inducible nitric oxide synthase; mAB, monoclonal antibody; NADPH, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate; NF, neurofilament; pAB, polyclonal antibody; PLP, proteolipid protein; St, steaming of sections using the indicated buffer solution.