Table 1

Cognitive deficits in DLB and delirium27–30

Cognitive deficits in DLB (DLB<AD)Rating scale or neuropsychological testCognitive deficits in deliriumRating scale or neuropsychological test
Visual trackingTrail making AOrientationACE-R
Visual attention shiftingTrail making BAttentionCTD
Working memoryDigit spanMemoryCTD
Executive functionSimilarities Initiation/perseveration subtest of the MDRSVigilanceCTD
Verbal fluency/languageLexical fluencyLanguageDRS
Visuospatial functioningBlock design (WAIS)
Clock (copy)
Cube copy (ACE-R)
Construction (MDRS)
Visuospatial functioning and visual perceptionDRS
Clock (copy)
Cube copy (ACE-R)
Visual object and space perception battery
  • ACE-R: Addenbrooks Cognitive Examination-Revised; CTD, cognitive test for delirium; DLB, dementia with Lewy bodies; DRS, delirium rating scale; MDRS: Mattis Dementia Rating Scale; WAIS: Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS).