Table 1

Characteristics of patients with stroke across socioeconomic deprivation groups in SLSR of 1995–2010

VariableSocioeconomic deprivation (Carstairs score—quintile)p Value
Deprived (2nd–5th Q)
Least deprived (1st Q)
nPer centnPer cent
Age (years), median, IQR72.6 (61.5–81.1)72.3 (61.9–81.3)0.602
Male sex, n (%)170750.841048.90.539
Ethnicity, n (%)*
Year of stroke, n (%)
Living conditions before stroke, n (%)
 Alone in private accommodation105431.422526.80.055
 With others in private accommodation156846.742049.9
 Nursing home or other67120.018221.6
BI prior to stroke, n (%)
 20, independent249074.162274.00.695
 15–19, mild disability47714.211713.9
 0–14, moderate-severe disability2246.7556.5
Stroke subtype, n (%)
 Primary intracerebral haemorrhage43412.910612.6
 Subarachnoid haemorrhage (SAH)1705.1425.0
Glasgow coma scale score, n (%)
 <13 (impaired consciousness)93227.721125.1
Incontinence, n (%)
Speech deficit, n (%)
Swallow impairment, n (%)
Motor deficit, n (%)
  • *Patients’ ethnicity was recorded by self definition of ethnic origin (2001 UK census question) stratified into white, black (black Caribbean, black African and black other) and other ethnic groups.

  • BI, Barthel index; SLSR, South London Stroke Register.