Table 1

Demographic information from patients with ALS in Ireland and NI (age±SD)

VariableIreland: general care (n=169)Ireland: MDT (n=340)p ValueIreland: all cases (n=511)NI (n=208)p Value: RoI general vs NIp Value: RoI MDT vs NIp Value: all RoI vs NI
Age at diagnosis
 All patients68.6±10.862.8±11.1<0.000164.7 years±11.365.9 years±11.60.02130.00200.2189
 Male66.3±12.061.8±10.70.001763.4 years±11.262.6 years±11.60.02680.57140.5436
 Female71.6±8.164.0±11.5<0.000166.4 years±11.169.3 years±10.50.12610.00020.0273
Site of onset
 Limb50% (82)67% (222)63% (306)66.5% (135)
 Bulbar48% (78)32% (104)37% (182)33.5% (68)
 Both2% (3)1% (2)<0.001*1% (5)0% (0)0.001*0.625*0.278*
Mean time of symptom onset to diagnosis
 All12.7 months13.4 months0.611313.3 months14.9 months0.14860.21360.164
 Male14.5 months13.2 months0.044013.7 months14.5 months0.99970.45940.667
 Female10.5 months13.6 months0.540312.7 months15.3 months0.00890.31590.081
  • *Fisher’s exact test.

  • ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; MDT, multidisciplinary team; NI, Northern Ireland; RoI, Republic of Ireland.